Kos: Winters the streets from bad weather – Detached roof from building

In torrents the streets were converted into because of the severe, but brief that hit the island. A loud storm of a few minutes and the strong winds in Kos (the residents are talking about perhaps a small tornado) resulted this morning, to throw a piece of PPC’s column cable bases (testimonials are also talking about explosion in the specific pillar of PPC), but also to remove a roof (panel) from a local store. Everything happened in two minutes, where they heard a loud sound and saw nothing because of the rain. They went out to see if anything had happened and saw images of destruction. Similar problems were created in the Provincial (at the height of Sklavnitis) where it flooded, and several roads in Kos (mainly in Averof) again presented the known issues, but also in the villages recorded various problems, while damage was also caused to houses. Information: vimatsko.gr