Koronovirus: Fofi Gennimatas was also vaccinated – “Hope returns”

The corovirus now has an opponent of the vaccine, which Fofi Gennimatas did. “With the vaccine hope returns,” said the president of the Movement for Change, immediately after her vaccination in “Evangelism.” That is what Fofi Gennimata did, closing the cycle of vaccinations of political leaders. Mrs Gennimatas was welcomed to the Hospital “Evangelismos” by the Minister of Health, Vasilis Kikilias, who accompanied her to the place where the vaccinations take place.” With the vaccine, hope returns. It’s a gift of science to man,” said the head of the Movement for Change immediately after her vaccination. “I was vaccinated today and I want to appeal to everyone. Participation in vaccination. It’s time to isolate irresponsible voices. It is time for the government to let go of the communication chatter and take serious care to organise transparently and effectively the vaccination of the country’s citizens. That’s the only way we can get our lives back. No more mistakes,” added Mrs Gennimata.
source: RES – ICM

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