KKE response for sugar daddies: Distortions and stupidities, the South, let’s look at her student party.

The KKE responds to the criticism of his “sexist comment” in the House, who said that in Scandinavia they have been forced to find sugar daddies to pay tuition for an unacceptable comment about students with sugar daddies. The Communist Party with its announcement states that what they achieve is self-simulation, since the Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party did what he did to denounce these phenomena that have indeed appeared in countries abroad. As he says, the other parties pretend they do not know that this is the case and that the commercialization of education has contributed to this. At the same time, she underlines that if the government wants to see disreputation and sexism towards women, it wants to look at its student group. In detail the announcement “In their attempt to defend their reactionary and unconstitutional bill to establish private AEIs, government representatives had so far resorted to lying, slander and authoritarianism. Now they also resort to ridicule or, to be more precise, to self – ridicule. Do they really not know in the South that the commercialization of education in a number of countries has even led to such phenomena of sepsis, such as those reported by Dimitris Koutsumbas, referring to educational “models” abroad? Don’t they know the reports and creepy online ads that seek to exploit new students by pressing on and on the huge cost of studying? Apparently, they do, it just bothers them when they are heard because they highlight the whole stench of the rotten capitalist world they represent. Depreciating and sexist is silence and tolerance towards such phenomena and, above all, supporting a policy that reproduces them, not their complaint. If the representatives of the ND are looking for deplorable, unacceptable, sexist and derogatory situations for women, let them look at the manifestations of their student party, commonly “let them look in the mirror”. They are deeply deluded, if they think that with such twists and stupidities they will escape the popular and youthful rage over the despicable bill they want to vote on.”

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