KKE for Mikis Theodorakis: His work is a trumpet of struggle, new struggles, resistance, exaltation, and hope – “Immortal!”

“With deep emotion and an incessant applause we say goodbye to Mikis Theodorakis, activist-creator, leader, and pioneer of a new, fighting art in music”, the Central Committee of the KKE states in a statement on the death of Mikis Theodorakis.

“Mikis’s music is kneaded with all those materials that make the great art, the art that captures the pulse of its time and anticipates the future. “The feeling, the mind, the memory and the experience of the people who are struggling, are the source of their inspiration”, is emphasized, among other things.

“With Mikis’ music we will continue to walk until the “bells ring” of social liberation. But even when “the war is over” we will not forget him … He will be with us even when “dreams blush” the KKE announcement ends and sends warm condolences and good strength to his family.