King Charles: “I will continue to serve you” – The first message after diagnosis with cancer

“I will continue to serve you as best my powers allow it”. These words will include his first public recorded message after being diagnosed with cancer, which is expected to be transmitted within the day. This message will be included in King Charles’ address for Commonwealth Day and will be broadcast at Westminster Abbey before 2,000 people who will give the “present” to the event – including Queen Camila and Prince William. In his 615 words address already recorded, King Charles will report, according to , that “having recently celebrated my 75th birthday, it warms my heart to think about how the Commonwealth was a constant throughout my life – a valuable source of strength, inspiration and pride.” “In the past few weeks I have been moved by your thoughts and wishes for my health and I, for my part, can continue to serve you as best my powers allow,” the British king will still say. “I have no doubt that we will continue to support each other throughout the Commonwealth as we continue the journey together” will also say King Charles. The message was filmed last month at Winsdor Castle with Charles allegedly intending to attend the meeting of the heads of Commonwealth governments in Samoa next October.

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