King Charles: Clearly overwhelmed with his first address after the announcement that he has cancer

On Saturday afternoon, he did his first, after the announcement that the king has cancer. In the address made by King Charles on the occasion of the Commonwealth day, the king appeared with red eyes, troubled gaze and quite overwhelmed… See this post on Instagram. “The Commonwealth is like wiring a house and its people, our energy and our ideas are the current that runs through these cables. Together and individually, we are strengthened by exchanging perspectives and experiences and offering and lending the myriad ways in which we have each faced the challenges of our time” writes the caption in the relative post made on the Instagram of the royal family. It was his first appearance, after the palace’s official announcement that the king has cancer… All this, while another official lead and in fact, the first photo published by Kate Middleton after her own health adventure, has also caused, “wetness” from comments as revealed,