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KINAL: In 2021 to get our lives back safely

In a short accounting video, KINAL presented its work and actions for the past year, while sending the wish that 2021 will be the year “that we will take our lives back safely.” In this crisis we have all been measured and proved that the Movement for Change is here. The only party that has a real progressive opposition. Who has the program and the executives, the history and the values, to make the New Change come true.”
Then, referring to the actions of KINAL, it is noted: “Next to those who have been tested by disasters and especially the pandemic, who have entered the front line and are having a hard time.
And the use of European resources to catch up with every euro.
For a society that produces well-paid jobs, respect for the environment, without being left behind.
Shield for Democracy Against authoritarianism, demagoguery and propaganda. Obstacle to the exploitation of the citizen by opacity and the absence of rules in the market. With patriotism and pride.
For a leading Greece that is reclaiming its place in Europe and the world.”
And the video closes with the wish: “Let 2021 be the year we take our lives back safely, embrace our people again, look up again with hope and write together the new chapter of Change.”

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