with the work of Eugene Ionesco’s “The bald singer”
in the Theatre Rex Scene “Marika Kotopouli”
on 24 May
The National Theatre in the context of social policy has initiated a set of actions with the KETHEA PASS – Programme External Monitoring for users of drugs of abuse and their families.
The monitoring of performances from ex-users involved in the CROSSING, the discussions and the exchange rates of the performances after the end, the support of the effort of the former users to redefine parts of their lives through the art of theatre that works as a therapeutic tool.
For this reason, the National Theatre grants to theatre group of the Cultural Places of KETHEA Scene “Marika Kotopouli” for the presentation of the project “The bald singer” of Eugene Ionesco.
Written by E. Ionesco in the 1950s, the Bald Singer is now considered of the most important works of world dramaturgy as well as from the most representative of the power of the theatre of the absurd. Ionesco playing just a method of learning of foreign languages has managed to create a project which highlights the existential void of his era, and the absurdity of human logic and behaviour. The text is without any meaning – it is no coincidence that the same characterizes the “αντιθεατρικό project”. Actions non-existent, and the relations of absolutely typical in a conservative living room of England. Words come and go just to be said, to break the heavy british silence, words that float in an atmosphere of cold, making the backdrop of a ιλαροτραγικού δράματός, a ιλαροτραγικής comedy. And yet underneath it all there’s the desperate effort of every hero in the pursuit of something to happen finally.
Start time 21:00
The entrance for audience is free
I strictly observed order of priority.