Katya Tarabpanko: The negative criticism when I came out of GNTM was extreme

“I collapsed, I had a very bad breakdown, I came to say I would give up,” Katya said. Tarapanko made statements to the show’s camera “I Love Suku”. The well-known model and actor spoke to journalist Nadia Rigatu, where, among other things, he confessed to the way in which he had been dealing with negative comments in the past, the times when he had little to give up because of them and the perspective he has adopted today. “You meet me in a very bright phase of my life. I’m a completely different person. I play a counter-roll in James Mylon’s performance with Spyros Bibila, although we all have experiences of relationships that had jealous or pushed us a little bit more,” Katia Tarabanko originally said. “I take acting, orthonic classes and where I find a seminar that can evolve me go and watch it,” adds the model and actress. “The tears in my last video are tears of joy. Up to two months ago, I collapsed psychologically when I failed to achieve my goals. Are you saying “how much longer do I have to go after it to get the chance?”. And the moment you go to give up, it will always come to you,” confesses immediately afterwards Katia Tarabanko. “The message is one: chase it, weep but you have to get up and chase it,” she highlights features in her statements. “The negative criticism when I came out of GNTM was extreme. I had a very serious breakdown, to the point where I thought I’d quit. I have now acquired a stomach-rock, which grinds it all,” Katia Tarapanko admits elsewhere and concludes: “I had sessions with a psychologist, my family and friends stood up for me a lot. I may be making a smiling picture on my profile, but it’s not all pink. There is also this side.”