Katerini: He always rode a bike and made 12 break-ins with a loot of 19,000 euros

The thefts and the houses in the police were investigated, at the expense of the perpetrator… The bike rides in Katerini were most of the time part of his plan. The shooter was tracking down the houses and building plans to violate them. According to the police investigation, within less than two years he managed to make nearly 20,000 euros of cash and jewelry. The fingerprints found, the testimonies and the images from the security cameras analyzed, led to the puzzle being resolved. 12 burglaries and thefts from single residences in the last two years were investigated in Katerini, For the case a man’s evidence was identified and against him a case was formed for the offence of distinguished theft. In particular, as evidenced by the investigation, the aforementioned man on a bicycle, located dwellings that were absent by the occupants and breaking the doors or windows, removed money, jewelry, and other items. From the survey so far, it was found that from October 2022 to January 2024, he committed 12 burglaries in single houses in Katerini, deducting a total amount of 6,550 euros, as well as jewelry, watches, perfumes, electronic devices and other objects, the value of which exceeds 19,000 euros, according to the statements of the sufferers. In a survey carried out at his home in a region of Pieria the money of 2,200 euros and part of the stolen goods were found and confiscated, which was attributed to their legal owners. Jewelry, watches, perfumes, tools, and other objects were also confiscated, the possession of which he could not justify. The police’s investigation continues to verify his involvement in other similar offences.