Katerina Stikoudi: Every time I come to J2US I get pregnant

‘ I don’t know if there will be any continuity, it’s early yet,” said Katerina Scikud made statements to the entertainment broadcast reporters found at J2US. The singer spoke about her return to the show, her newborn baby, but also the song Zari, with which Marina Satti will represent us at Eurovision. “I am so glad to be here, I came to the party! With most contestants I’ve worked with, some are my friends, so it’s perfect energy and company. I’m so glad the backstage… was waiting for me. There’s always a misinformation, and it’s nice for your associates to support you. Every time I come to J2US I get pregnant, I don’t know if there’ll be a sequel, it’s early yet, but it’s very beautiful what I’m experiencing. Byron actively participates in all activities for his brother. You don’t sleep when you have a baby, you feed as much as you need,” Katerina Scikoudi originally said. Katerina Scikoudi then said of Zari: “Marina Satti presents what foreigners see to us. That’s how they see us, that’s what we are to strangers. It’s a video clip that was very popular abroad. Good luck! Whatever verse we have, something will always bother us.”