Katerina Stikoudi: Breast-feeding the newborn son – The photo posted by the Vangelis Sheriff

Their second son, they had a few weeks ago, the and the happy husband shared a picture of herself nursing the newborn. The in love couple, Katerina Scikoudi and Vangelis Sheriff, raised his family, giving their son Byron, a younger brother. A few hours before the working mother appeared in J2US, her husband posted a picture of her breast-feeding their newborn son while reading a fairy tale to Byron. “Tell me something about WOMAN… Tell me what he can and can’t do. How much power and importance it gives to our lives… View this post on Instagram …Today and the next days I will see a lot of gibberish, as in general lately, not just on staff. Patience. Ignorance goes hand in hand with our time,” wrote Vangelis Sheriff, knowing that comments will follow after Katerina Scikoudi’s reappearance at J2US.

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