Katerina Scikoudi – J2US: ‘Explosive’ return after birth

She returned to the her and “bleep” with her revealing appearance. “I come, I take a baby, I come back!” said, among other things, the well-known artist. Back to her familiar television beaches, on the set of J2US, Katerina Stikoudi returned on Saturday night (09.03.2024) to the new episode of Alpha’s music show. For the second time, mother, she stole the impressions with her elegant figure, once again, combined with her highly revealing clothing choice. As soon as she even appeared on the stage of J2US, Katerina Stikoudi noted the following with special enthusiasm. “Saturday nights there is no longer any chance that I am not here. I’m very happy and it’s very lucky for me J2US”. “I come, I take a baby, I come back! I don’t know if there’ll be any more… Two boys, Nicholas the second. I missed you all so much.” “I have seen the couples, I have watched them and I have singled out some. I have weaknesses” added, with a smile, Katerina Stikoudi to go back to J2US’ backstage.