Katerina New: In the Nationals I had a lot of psychosomatics I had to deal with.

‘ On the occasion of Penelope Anastasopoulou’s statements about the problem she faced with her hair after the coronavirus, Katerina New confessed that she had a similar problem during a period of intense stress. “I too have experienced it before, when I was a girl. It was when I gave Panhellenic and had too many psychosomatics that I had to deal with at the time, like too many children. It was the years we gave the 13 lessons. I remember doing this and leaving tufts,” Katerina Neou said. “That is, in times of anxiety, too many women lose their hair. Now we’re not talking about diseases, etc. Science has gone so far and we should be good because now you put on and out and it’s the least that should concern us. Thank you, Katerina New added.