Katerina Liolyu for the man who threw an electronic cigarette at her: He didn’t get up to say sorry.

A few weeks ago, she became… a viral for her reaction when she appeared in the center, she accidentally threw her with the flowers and an electronic cigarette, wounding her in the eye. When Tuesday night (05.03.2024) the singer was found invited to The 2Night Show with Gregory Arnautoglu, talked about the incident. Katerina Liolyu revealed that she knew who threw the object and that she didn’t even apologize. “No flower came, came rechargeable electric cigarette. I don’t feel like it happened on purpose, I can’t believe it. I kept my cool, my eye was ripped off, and people panicked. I felt instead of fear, shame that people saw me like this. The other guy came to pay to drink his drink and listen to me and I knocked him out. I didn’t like that she didn’t get up to apologize to me, that she did it by accident, when we knew which table it was from. I was very kind if you saw me on the video. I asked him politely to leave,” the singer said. “I am always in love, I cannot sterile life, I am an artist. There’s always a flirtation in the atmosphere. Imagine a life without flirting and music, these are the golden dust of life,” Katerina Liolyu said elsewhere in the discussion. “Don’t look at me so hard. I have a lot of defenses and filters, I’m a carpet inside of me,” he filled in. “To take a store on your back is a great responsibility. You always have staff in mind, how it’s gonna go. You say: let’s go do some teamwork here. If the other cannot see the vision I have, it cannot coexist,” Katerina Liolyu said on the occasion of her forthcoming premiere at LUX on 8 March.

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