Kate Middleton: “Wales princess and William don’t trust Harry and Megan”

Her and her husband William, Prince of Wales, did not tell Megan and Megan Mark about cancer because they “can’t be trusted”, according to a “Sun” report on Sunday (24.03.24). It is recalled that 42-year-old Kate Middleton revealed with a moving video on Friday (22.03. 24) that she was diagnosed with cancer and that she is in the first stage of her treatment, causing a global wave of support. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and his wife Megan Markle are believed to have contacted William and Kate “privately” after the shocking announcement of the Princess of Wales, but, according to British media, it is not clear how communication between the two couples was made. It is also unknown, so far at least, if Harry travels to Britain soon. A specialist in the British royal family told “Sun” that the princess and Prince of Wales did not inform the Duke and Duchess of Sussex earlier because they “can’t trust them”. But one source told the New York Post that Harry and Megan learned about the news along with the rest of the world. “They had no idea and learned the news at the same time the rest of the world learned it”. After Kate’s announcement, Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued a brief statement. “We wish health and recovery for Kate and family and hope they can do it privately and with peace”. The breach in confidence Now, royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams said they were not informed about Kate’s cancer because they “can’t trust them”. He told Sun: “There is a deep rift between the brothers – we know that. We also know that they have obviously not spoken for many months and the reason, of course, is that for about four years they have caused endless problems in the royal family and so they cannot be trusted.” “William doesn’t trust Harry and Megan and has good reasons. We know what happened with Oprah, the program for Netflix, Spare and after interviews around his book. There was no reason to earn money from their ties to the royal family. The problem is that this (ed. the royal family) is the only thing that seems to bring them a lot of money. This raises other questions about what they will do in the future,” he adds. “Harry and Megan are not in their priorities” Meanwhile, royal writer Phil Dampier also told Sun that Harry and Megan were very low on William and Kate’s priorities. He said: “The Sussexs were not informed about cancer, because the relationship between William and Harry is at the worst level. When Harry came to see his father after his cancer was diagnosed, William could have had time to meet him if he wanted to attempt a reconciliation, but he did not.” “Harry spent less than two days in the country and did not want to spend much time with his father, let alone with his brother. It’s very simple. I don’t think with everything they’ve had to deal with in the last two weeks, dealing with Harry and Megan would be on their priority list. Their priorities were to take care of their children and decide how to deal with conspiracy theories on social media and undo the damage caused by photography. I don’t think it would be a priority to contact Harry and Megan.” “It’s in the back of their minds the problem” Daily Mail reports that the Prince and Princess of Wales have put in the back of their minds the “Harry problem” and seems to have no plans for reconciliation during the expected visit of the Duke of Sussex to the United Kingdom in May. Harry and Megan are believed to have contacted William and Kate “privately” on Friday night after the princess’s video revealed that she was undergoing “preventive” chemotherapy. It is not clear whether the contact was a phone call, a video call was made or some support messages were sent, while unknown remains whether Harry will return to the UK. It is estimated that Harry will attend a service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games. The individual visit—probably without Megan and their two children Archie and Lilibett—could be an opportunity to build bridges with William’s dissociative brother. Sources near William and Kate point out that after the diagnosis of both Kate and King Charles’ cancer, Harry’s “problem” is the last thing they have in mind, according to Telegraph.

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