Kate Middleton: Pressures on the Palace to reveal the truth about the “pirated” photo – The “mistakes” identified by users

Kensington Palace is currently facing questions after leading agencies, such as Reuters, Associated Press and AFP – “refused” her due to allegations that she is “pirified”, with fans pointing out “mistakes” that allegedly prove she has undergone some processing. Kate Middleton’s first photo after the surgery she submitted to has caused a storm of reactions as the largest news agencies expressed concerns about possible digital processing. The photo showing Kate Middleton sitting outdoors with her three children around her, reportedly taken by Prince William last week in the UK. However, within a few hours, agencies from their own databases and asking customers who had licensed the photo to remove it from their publications. In their alert AP reported that “the source has falsified the image”, while the AFP invoked “a editorial issue”. Reuters said he withdrew the photo after “review after publication”. According to the British press, the palace refused to comment on either the photograph or the reaction of photographic agencies. The “mistakes” in the photo Users of social media detected a series of “mistakes” in the contested photo, allegedly proving that it has been processed. The main ones were: the absence of the iconic ring from Kate’s hand, the poorly aligned zipper on her jacket, Charlotte’s fuzzy skirt and her sleeve. See this post on Instagram. According to online users Kate’s hair seems “deep” while one user claimed that her chin and neck had suffered photoshop. Sense caused the fact that Kate is not wearing Diana’s sapphire ring. Charlotte’s skirt is then blurry and her one sleeve is “missing”, while the girl’s hair also seems to have been treated after they stop somewhat abruptly on her shoulder. In the picture, one of Louis’s fingers seems shorter than the others as it seems to cross his fingers somewhat strangely. Others also argued that his pants looked digitally changed, while George’s right hand was out of focus on the snapshot. Speculations and conspiracy theories give and take the last time Kate Middleton is held away from the spotlight recovering from scheduled surgery in the abdomen on January 16. Just last week she released one and her mother in a car, with the princess of Wales sitting in the passenger seat. The controversial photo, Kate’s thanks, and the withdrawal Kate Middleton photo was published in the accounts of Prince and Princess Wales on social media on Sunday morning, along with a message that pleases people for their support. “Thank you for your wishes and your continued support over the last two months,” he wrote the message. “I wish everyone Happy Mother’s Day”. Kensington Palace said the photo was taken in Winsdor earlier this week by the Prince of Wales. Details of the princess’ condition have not been revealed, but Kensington Palace had previously stated that she was not related to cancer and that Kate wished her personal medical information to remain private. Large journalistic agencies withdrew this first photo of Kate Middleton with her children, released by Reuters agencies, Associated Press (AP), Getty Images and the French Agency (AFP). “After more supervised inspection, it appears that the source has altered the image,” Associated Press said in an update. “Photo presents an inconsistency in alignment of Princess Charlotte’s left hand,” AP spokesman told SkyNews. ‘Retirement obligation. Due to a subject arising from the publisher, the photograph from the Prince of Wales is withdrawn and cannot be used again. Please remove it from everywhere,” said the French AFP News Agency. Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the last two months. Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. C📸 The Prince of Wales, 2024 — The Prince and Princess of Wales (@KensingtonRoyal) So far, information on Kate Middleton’s health status after the surgery she submitted to the abdomen has not been released. The only thing Kensington Palace has revealed is that surgery had nothing to do with dealing with some form of cancer. Information from Dailymail, BBC, Telegraph

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