Kate Middleton: “Major self-goal” say experts after the fiasco with her photo – The Palace does not give the authority

Kensington Palace is increasingly under pressure to release the original with the Princess of Wales and her three children, the first after surgery in the abdomen, after the Princess of Wales admitted today (11.03.2024) that she had processed the family photo. As proved by the photo, which was released on the occasion of Mother’s celebration, she had been processed and therefore retired aron – aron from the major news agencies that published it. At the same time a new screenshot of Kate Middleton comes to light with Prince William leaving Windsor Castle. In the photo we see the ones that look the other way, so that the paparazzi don’t photograph them. Public relations experts described the fiasco as “a huge self-goal” and urged Palace officials to publicise the original image in an attempt to regain public confidence, but the Palace refuses. What exactly is going on with the wife of the successor to the British throne? And for what reason did the Palace release a tampered photo? Let’s start over. On Sunday 10.03.2024 Kensington Palace published a photo of Kate Middleton posing in the lens with her three children only that the major news agencies realized she was corrupted in many places. Getty, Associated Press, Reuters and AFP announced they withdrew this photo with Kate Middleton, with her taking matters into her own hands and publicly admitting that the photograph is not authentic and that she is responsible for the microchanges. Kate Middleton this morning admitted that she “often experimentes with photo processing” and apologized “for any confusion” she had caused. See this post on Instagram. “Like several amateur photographers, I often experiment with editing the photos. I want to apologize for any confusion created with the family photo posted on Sunday. I hope everyone is celebrating a very happy Mother’s Day,” Kate Middleton said in her statement. The photograph of the Princess of Wales with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis was the first official photograph of the princess released since she was subjected to “planned abdominal surgery” on January 16. Earlier, social media users had detected sharp errors in Kate Middleton’s photo. See this post on Instagram. They found that the zipper on Kate’s jacket has been tampered with, Charlotte’s hair seems to end somewhat abruptly on her shoulder, her skirt and knee are somewhat tampered with. And the lesions don’t end there: Prince Louis’s sweater design has been processed on the sleeve, as has his right hand, where his fingers are somewhat abnormally confused. As for Kate herself, her right hand is cloudy while her sweater does not, while it seems that her hair is blurry on the right, while still the sweater seems “clean”. She also doesn’t wear Princess Diana’s sapphire ring that always graces her hand. Other users wondered, if the photo is taken in Florida after in March the weather is not sunny in Britain but whether it was taken in 2024. Mark Borkowski an expert and experienced in public relations issues said: “It makes sense to be at home and play with the computer and use an artificial intelligence tool, but if they’re really going to gain any kind of trust, they should release the original photo, it can’t be so bad if they only made a few modifications”. Mark Borkowski also says that the turmoil created today shows that there is a public relations problem for the monarchy: “That’s the point, there doesn’t seem to be a united strategic thought in the heart of the royal family right now, which leads to these problems where it’s very difficult to manage in public relations.” And he added it’s a nightmare. “It’s under pressure, huge pressure, this is a huge self-goal”. Royal sources stressed that this was “an amateur, family photo taken by the Prince of Wales”. It’s understandable that it was taken in Windsor last week. The dispute is to overshadow the ceremony at Westminster Abbey for today’s Commonwealth day, one of the monarchy’s major annual dates. Active members of the royal family, who do not face health problems, are expected there, including Queen Camilla and Prince William. King Charles will not attend as he continues treatment for cancer. Clearly paid Monday afternoon (11/3/24), Graham Smith, the CEO of the anti-monarchist Republi team said: “Kate’s statement doesn’t answer any questions. We can all see that the photo has been processed. The question is why? Why haven’t they released the original photo? “ He also said that this whole approach shows a general contempt for the public. Royal writer Omid Scobie accused the Palace of having “a long story in lie” and said the recovery of public trust is now “an almost impossible task”. The royal writer wrote to X that if it were an isolated incident, it was a “unfortunate mistake”. And he added: “But with the Palace’s long history lying, covering up, even issuing statements on behalf of family members without their permission (sp. Prince Harry), it becomes increasingly difficult for the public to believe a word and now photograph. Kate Middleton is known to love the photos and revealed in 2021 that she takes many family photos causing her children to react sometimes and say: “Mom, please stop taking pictures”. Information From