Kate Middleton: He has lost alarmingly much weight and cannot keep food, says source

Her health concern after that doesn’t tell her to quit. Details of Kate Middleton’s health and surgery in the abdomen to which she was submitted have been kept away from the lights of publicity, while sources tell exclusively in In Touch that Prince William keeps all three of their children in the dark. “Of course they worry about why she is so weak, but they have no idea about the severity of their mother’s condition,” revealed the source exclusively to Prince George, 10 years old, Princess Charlotte, 8 years old and Prince Louis, 5 years old. Although they do not know exactly what is going on with their mother, children do what they can to fix her day as she recovers. “William doesn’t tell them much and promises them everything will come back normal soon,” adds the source near Kensington Palace. “But managing their fears is the most heartbreaking part of this test”. Kensington Palace announced on 17 January 2024 that Kate had undergone “planned abdominal surgery” one day earlier. The original announcement explained that she was expected to remain in hospital for 10 to 14 days, although she did not provide any further information on her condition or on the type of surgery she performed. “The Princess of Wales appreciates the interest this statement will cause,” wrote the announcement. “She hopes the public will understand her desire to maintain regularity for her children and wants her personal medical information to remain private”. Kate Middleton was discharged from the hospital on January 29 and returned home to Adelaide Cottage in Winsdor to focus on her recovery. However her fans were concerned and several conspiracy theories began to circulate online. A representative of the royal family put an end to the rumors by saying that Kensington Palace informed in January of the timetables of the princess’ recovery and would only provide important updates. “This Directive applies”. It was Monday, March 4, when paparazzi photos were released with her sitting in the front seat of a car as her mother, Carol Middleton, was at the wheel. She was wearing black sunglasses and her face was swollen. These photographs were not published in British through “respect for her private life”. “Kate Middelton has lost too much weight” Source told In Touch exclusively that Kate Middleton deliberately stays away from the spotlight amid her recovery. “He couldn’t keep the food and has lost alarmingly much weight,” the source said. “She will not film a message to the public in order to thank them for their wishes, because she fears it would cause tremendous shock and concern for her appearance”. Despite the palace’s initial statement that Kate would return to her public commitments by April, the source added that “it will take an additional five weeks of recovery”. “So serious is her condition right now”.