Kasselakis: Tsipras law wrong for companies abroad, if necessary I will pay fine

“The Tsipras law on foreign companies was wrong,” said SYRIZA’s president, Stefanos Kasselakis speaking in Mega’s central newscast. Stefanos Kasselakis argued that the law of SYRIZA was made for the “black” money of Greek politicians abroad rather than for the “white” money of expatriates. “I am not interested in the models of professional politicians,” he stressed, in an interview with MEGA’s main newscast and journalists Rania Jima and Giannis Pretenteris, the president of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and leader of the main opposition party, Stefanos Kasselakis. As regards the “astacockarava” and the issue that has arisen, Stefanos Kasselakis said that he has transferred all his past involvement in this company. “I claim my dues from there,” he said, adding that he has no involvement in companies abroad. “This law was created not to make Greek politicians black money out, not to put the Greek expatriates in,” he said. “If I am called to explain to Justice, I will explain. Stefanos Kasselakis never wishes to be archived. If I have to pay a fine, I’ll pay for it. If I’m to be punished for the people of Syriza’s party media having Christmas, to be punished,” he stressed. “People have had enough of gaslighting. Think about what they’ve been trying to blame me all along. That I was stupid, that I was lifestyle. That 35-year-old from the municipality Stefanos Kasselakis is intertwined. Very concerned by Mr Greenberg,” he added. According to him, “sometime we have to wake up. Does the Greek citizen know Mr. Mitsotakis’s whereabouts? It’s time the politician was a civilian’s servant.”

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