Kasselakis in Adoni Georgiades: 200 euros cost me the video along with the haircut.

With a video he answered about the video he posted this morning about his haircut on Tik Tok the President of SYRIZA, . It all started when Adonis Georgiadis commenting on the video about the “surging of the soldier” he made and posted on Tik Tok Stefanos Kasselakis said it cost from 50,000 to 100,000 euros and that it had a trikamer, director and screenwriter. Stefanos Kasselakis replied that this video cost him 200 euros along with the haircut. It is recalled that the President of Syriza presents himself tomorrow (15/03/2024) in the Army in Thebes. For this reason in order to be ready to be a soldier… 5 billion euros and yen