K. Zachariadis: The Law for the channels will be applied as if terrorizing HXHTIKO – a Warning to the opposition parties

Message to multiple recipients, even to the parties of the major and minor opposition in the House, sent to the state.E. and Director of the K.The. of SYRIZA, Costas Zachariades, speaking in the Flash 96,0 F.M. and in a show of Antonis Κουμιώτη…
More specifically, it asked for the statements of the Secretary-general.E. the party’s on “merciless war μονταζιέρας”, mr. Zachariades, said: “it Is clear that major political and communication interests, they can’t accept the fact that, after three electoral victories that he attained our own point of view in 2015, especially in polls of national elections, some things in the media-world landscape will change, and will change not in the direction of a φιλοσυριζαϊκής propaganda, but in this process of democratization of the MEDIA and participation in the weights.
Cannot various business groups, who have a variety of activities, including the tv, hold tv licences for 25 years and have not put a single euro. In no other european country there is this system of immunity…
The ones who stick are the parties of the major and the ελλάσονος opposition, where the competent committee of the Parliament do not want to give consent and proceed to the ESR in this process. We warn that you will be exposed and politically towards the people, but we are not going to sit on our hands. The Law, passed by the Greek Parliament will proceed and will be applied. And as much as you bark or meow or βελάζουν or terrorize, because that’s the best word, a number of citizens for the policy at this time, the government, the citizens know you, they see your effort, they see the difficulties and see the potential that is there, if done with planning and with steady pace, in mid-2016 to get out of this downward policy”.
Listen to the relevant audio excerpt from the interview in the Flash 96,0 F.M.: