Jurichic for Olympiacos – Panathinaikos: “If we want the championship we have to win in Karaiskakis”

Philip Juričić spoke about the next derby – with Serbian footballer of the “greens” saying that if his team wants the championship, he should get the victory in Karaiskakis. Philip Juričić made statements before the Olympiacos – Panathinaikos derby, with the experienced huff stating that the “trifl” should take the victory against the “reds” to be able to claim the championship. At the same time the Serbian midfielder did not fail to talk about his injury, which he said kept him well behind, but is now in good condition. In detail the words of Tzourisic for Olympiacos – Panathinaikos For the start of the playoffs and what Panathinaikos should do: “We knew from the beginning of the season that the playoffs would decide who would be crowned champion. Surely, knowing our way of thinking, we prepared for it. We could have a better starting position because in most of the regular season, we were gonna say at the top. But that doesn’t change things that much. We have games with our opponents and everything is open. It is true that we are four points below first place, but in playoffs everything is possible and especially because we will play twice against teams that are the main contenders of the title.” What areas should be improved: “Personally, but also the whole team, we need to restore knowledge to how good we are. This is the most basic, because our approach to games should be that if we want to be champions. If we want to be crowned champions, we have to go to Karaiskaki, Toumba, AEK stadium to win. This is the mentality and approach we need to have. If we don’t change, it’ll be very hard to win the championship. If we don’t go to games with that approach, we won’t be crowned champions. For me what we must not change, but to improve to a small extent, is the approach. I think we can do that, because we have all shown in the past that we can play well in derby and several times in the year, we won.” How he experienced his injury and how he feels now: “I always try to see things from their positive side. I’ve learned enough from this case. We had a heavy schedule in January, tried and all together tried to help me get back as quickly as possible and fight. It may not have worked out perfectly, but I would say that I now have more motivation, because I had to have more patience for this moment. I have a great desire and I wish to return and quickly find my best form, when it must and this is the most important.”

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