Josef Fritzl: He will not be transferred to normal prison

The decision to transfer the “ster of Austria” Josef Fritzl – who held his daughter prisoner for 24 years and subjected her to thousands of rapes – to regular prison was overturned by an Austrian court, as the local media broadcast. As broadcast by the APA news agency, according to it, the court overturned the decision, which had been made in January, according to which the “Austrian monster” who held his daughter prisoner for 24 years in a hidden cellar and from her daily rapes were born 7 children, was to be transferred to a normal prison. The original decision had been made on the grounds that Fritzl “was no longer a risk”. This decision would also probably pave the way for his release and his transfer to a nursing home. Fritzl, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2009 for crimes such as incest, rape and enslavement – was in psychiatric custody in a high-security facility in Stein Prison.