Johnny Kalimeris: that’s Why the ANT1 banned the playback of footage from other channels

    “When nightline is doing a 50% ratings with 2.5% million viewers, the… plays a show with a viewership of 15% we don’t care”.
    Of particular interest are what indicates the Johnny Kalimeris at “to vima”, on the reasons for the ANT1 decided a few days ago to send a letter which does not allow the reproduction of extracts of emissions without a permit.
    The ceo program channel, it reads:
    “50% of some emissions it was a projection of our own programs. We spend a lot of and all build shows around our own material. It’s the property of our own and of our people. There was a day that we counted 3 ώρερς material which was broadcast to a total of small and large channels. Us to nurture others.
    The material we use is of short duration and is used in the emissions “grapevine” and “All”. We don’t use more than three minutes.
    As ANT1 we have the top-rated products. When the “grapevine” I think it’s 50% ratings with 2.5% millions of viewers, to reproduce a show with a viewership of 15% we are not interested in. We have our own shows that we reproduce and the υπερκαλύπτουμε the view every day.”