Joe Biden: Tough Truce in Gaza Strip Before Ramadan

US President Joe Biden said yesterday Friday that it seems difficult to reach a truce between Israel and Hamas before Ramadan began on Sunday. “It seems difficult,” Biden told a journalist who asked him whether it is possible to reach an agreement on a truce in the Gaza Strip before the start of the month of Ramadan, the great Muslim fasting celebration. The American president did not hide his concern about an outbreak of violence in East Jerusalem if Israeli military operations continue during Ramadan. Hamas called on Friday the Palestinians to “move” and “slid” during Ramadan at the Al Aksha mosque in Jerusalem, where there are fears of tensions during this period, after five months of war in Gaza between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement. At the same time, Hamas argued that it would not “make any compromise” to its demands for a final truce and withdrawal of Israeli forces from the Gaza Strip, in order to agree to release the hostages it holds after the October 7 attack.