Joe Biden: Netanyahu with his manipulations “harms rather than helps Israel”

The president of the United States appeared to him sharp because of the war in progress. US President Joe Biden said yesterday Saturday that he considers Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “more harms than helps Israel,” commenting on his approach to the war against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. In an interview he gave to the MSNBC network, the American president recognized Israel’s right to continue his operations against Hamas after the unprecedented attack it received on October 7. However, he stressed that Netanyahu “must pay more attention to innocent lives lost”. Biden said, among other things, that the account of the dead by Israeli military operations in the Gaza Strip “is contrary to what Israel stands for”. “And I think it’s a big mistake,” he completed. Asked if it is a “red line” for him a large-scale Israeli attack on Rafa, the president of the US responded affirmatively. However, he made it clear that he does not intend to interrupt the delivery of weapons systems to Israel. “There is no red line because of which I will interrupt arms deliveries so they don’t have Iron Dome to protect them,” he said, referring to Israel’s anti-missile shield.

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