Jerusalem: 12 Year-old Palestinian Killed by Israeli Fire · Global Voices

A 12-year-old was fatally wounded tonight by Israeli fire during incidents in a refugee camp in the occupied East. 12-year-old Palestinian Rami Hamdan al-Haluli was shot by Israeli security forces at the Suafat camp in Jerusalem and left his last breath a little later at the hospital where he was taken. According to Israeli police, incidents broke out in the Suafat camp this afternoon, where security forces were attacked with molotovs and fireworks. “During the riots, a police officer shot a suspect threatening class forces by firing fireworks towards them,” says the press release. “The suspect was arrested and hospitalized”, but succumbed to his injuries, police complement. Video document from the shot received by the young Palestinian saw the light of publicity through social networks. Swafat refugee camp, in occupied East Jerusalem, is often a field of bloody conflicts. The 12-year-old Palestinian was the first victim in clashes in Jerusalem since Ramadan began.