Jerocles Michaelidis: We all flirt with pride, take yourself seriously

The actor in an exclusive interview at MEGA spoke of the publicity, but also the facilities offered by this work. “Publish is not a terrible thing. It’s like living in a village of 1,000 people and everyone knows you. I’ve never been to a store and they pull their hair or scream. The good thing about our work is that you may have some facilities.” “We all flirt with pride, you take yourself seriously. You can’t not believe in yourself. The more you control it, the better,” he said. Then Jerocles Michailidis revealed that there were people who did not believe in him, while he said that he has received bad behaviors, which he considers to be a kind of minor betrayal. “I know there are people who don’t think me important enough to work with me,” said the actor. Jerocles Michailidis said that comradeship is necessary in life, as he said “if you don’t have people to share things with, it makes no sense.” “Psystically and emotionally I am very close to my child. The obligations made me not spend so much time with my child and I have guilt about it. I will fully understand the role of grandfather only when I have nothing to do and dedicate myself to there,” Jerocles Michailidis said among others. He also reported that there have been reports that have exceeded his limits. “There are people who keep up appearances and others who are merciless. The simple world, with social media, can easily become a mob. This is dangerous. Now there are lynching behaviors, which are unthinkable.” “I have a very large tolerance limit and some are out of line because of mildness. Very recently, because of an incident, I thought I’d get cleavage.”