Janna Terzi: I can’t feel my feet while I felt them before

I am shocked! “After I had removed the tumor in the spinal cord, I was left with one damage from the waist down”, confided the well-known one. The tumor in the spinal cord was spoken by singer Janna Terzi through a video shown at the conference of the “Thalpos – Mental Health”. Paskalis Terzis’ 43-year-old daughter revealed that after her tumor was removed, she was left with a damage to her body from the waist down. “As a woman born in Greece I had been trained to feel ashamed of things. But I didn’t expect that when I was 40, three years ago he’d come to add another one to the list. A tumor in the spinal cord, which after being removed, left me with a damage to my body from the waist down. In fact, I cannot feel my legs while I felt them before,” confessed Janna Terzi. “This, in addition to the hardship and adventure that I had, until I got out of the wheelchair, until I could walk, made me feel a shame and share it, but also to go back to my work, to the scene, where I have to stand, on foot, wear higher shoes and not sports, which I don’t know if I can do again. The shame and prejudice surrounding this came in cooperation with what I feel inside and what I faced from those around me. The phrase “you look fine, you have nothing”, made me close even more and feel even more ashamed about what I went through while I had passed a Calvary. The damage to one’s body would have to be treated with greater care and attention, so as not to go through and become a disability, which is to interrupt access to what everyone has, which does not have the same harm as you. And to provide patients or former patients with all the help of the world, so that someone can return to work and feel confident and not insecure. To feel creative again and to be able to enjoy his work as much as he enjoyed it before the disease,” Giannis Terzis added to her shocking confession.