Janna: Man entered hospital and grabbed an infant

Innocent were the doctors left in when a man came in and took an infant. The man claimed to be the father of the child, but without it being found, while when he asked the doctor to take the child to the hospital in Ioannina they did not let him. However, the man managed to take the baby and leave the back door. He then took the child to a relative and was spotted there by the authorities who had been notified by the doctors. The child’s family has not been identified as the child was being hospitalized after a prosecutor’s order. In Mega’s show “You Have Still Seen Nothing” the president of Ioannina Hospital employees, George Floudas, spoke. “The child was hospitalized from February 20 until noon today and the child’s official escort was this particular gentleman. When the gentleman was informed that the child was going to an institution there was a reaction. Personnel acted immediately when they realized he was leaving with the baby. The sure thing is that today the child was taken by prosecutor’s order to Arta Hospital.”