J2US – Despina Vandi for Vassilis Bisbiki: “I am grateful and I am well”

The popular singer appeared relieved after his health adventure. After a difficult emotional week for her, Despina Vandi was again on the J2US jury. As has become known, the singer’s companion, Vasilis Bisbikis, has faced a serious problem with his health and she has always been on his side. In particular, as broadcast by “Morning”, Despina Vandi carried Vasilis Bisbiki with her car to a private hospital, who felt last Monday (04.03.2024) chest pains. There doctors decided, after the necessary heart tests, that he had to enter surgery. Three days after the first operation for stent placement, a second surgery was followed for the well-known actor. On Saturday evening (09.03.2024) on the set of J2US, then, when presenter Nikos Koklonis welcomed Despina Vandi to the jury, she was content to say the following with a smile. “The difficulties have passed! They passed, passed… The new week has already begun. I’m fine. I am grateful and I am well.”