It’s not particularly famous and yet they make millions of beautiful bodies on the planet photos! How do they do it?

Probably not have you ever heard of…
their names, however probably didn’t care much for it. Level Giselle is not on the world stage of the fashion industry, but their bank accounts… “suffocate”!
It’s about 10 models which is not particularly well-known in the world, however, have found the way to live… and great-grandchildren. How? But uploading photos to instagram.
Not only is this of course. With a distinctive way (although sometimes not so much) accompanying the προκλητικότατες poses with products in the market, such as clothes, cosmetics, slimming products, or food.
These ladies belong to the category of “fitness models”, i.e. models dealing with the health and well-being. Of course, no attempt is made to hide the ratios and qualifications…
The top 10!
1) Ana Cheri: it Has 4.6 million followers
2) Kayla Itsines: Has 4.1 million followers
3) Paige Hathaway: it Has 3.2 million followers
4) Chantel Zales: Has 3.1 million followers
5) Claudia Alende: Has 2.8 million followers
6) Abigail Ratchford: it Has 2.7 million followers
7) Laci Kay Somers: it Has 2.4 million followers
8) Bella Falconi: Has 2.2 million followers
9) Amanda Lee: Has more than 1 million followers
10) Alexa Jean Brown: it Has about 1.9 million followers