Coronavirus – Italy: G20 Health Ministers agree on vaccine shipments worldwide

Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza announced that his counterparts who attended the two-day G20 summit in the Eternal City unanimously approved the “Rome Pact”.

In essence, the G20 countries, he stressed, “share as their main goal, the facilitation of the production of coronavirus vaccines and their transmission around the globe.”

We want the vaccine to be accessible, all over the world, we will make all the necessary investments “, said the Italian minister, adding:” When a person is ill, he must be cured, regardless of where he was born, the color of the skin and its financial situation, and the Treaty of Rome considers, all this, of key importance “.

At the same time, Speranza stressed that everyone should share with everyone information about global health and best practices regarding treatments and pharmacological treatments.

“We want to invest in the One Health approach, considering people, animals, and the environment as a single ecosystem, in order to meet current and future health challenges,” concluded the Minister of Health Draghi.

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