Italy: Meloni remains dominant, reduces the difference the centre left

Her and her party remain dominant in the political scene in , as is shown in a new poll. Specifically, Prime Minister Georgia Meloni’s Italy Brothers party remains first in the intention of voting, with a slight reduction in the difference in relation to the centre left, according to the last poll by Swg for TV channel La 7 in Italy. More specifically, Italy’s Brothers ensure 27.1% of the voting intention and the Democratic Party’s centre left 20.2%. Compared to a week ago the first political force loses 0.2% while the second wins exactly the same percentage. They follow the Five Stars, with 15.4%, Lega with 8.1% and Forza Italia with 7.6%. The central power Azione (Action) brings together 4.5% of the voting intention and the alliance of the Italian Left and Ecologists 4.1%. Analysts stress that the difference between the country’s two largest parties is nearly seven percentage points, with Meloni’s party remaining very strong and the centre-left reducing, even with slow steps, the distance between it and the Brothers of Italy. In a more difficult position, finally, Mateo Salvini’s Five Stars and Lega are found. The first are opposition forces while the second is part of the government alliance. In the Abrucho region’s local elections, however, last Sunday, both parties failed to achieve a satisfactory result.