Israel: Research Committee Burns Netanyahu for trampling with 45 dead pilgrims in 2021

His research committee concluded that the Prime Minister was responsible for a deadly footstep in 2021. During a Jewish pilgrimage to Mount Meron 45 people had been killed. In her report released on Wednesday, March 6, about a footstep that caused the death of 45 people during a Jewish pilgrimage to Mount Meron in April 2021, the investigation committee concluded that there is “personal responsibility” for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “We concluded that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a personal responsibility” in this tragedy, the committee says. The Prime Minister “recognized or ought to know that the installation (…) had not been well maintained for years” and may have been a “risk to many participants” in the pilgrimage held every year for the Jewish festival “Lag Baomer”, explains this report. Watch Deutsche Welle videos: Netanyahu, along with his services, had the responsibility to “identify preventive” problems that were “hazardous to human lives” and did not “act as expected by a prime minister in order to correct this situation,” the investigation committee still says. Charged with overseeing the operation of public institutions, the public auditor’s office had on two occasions, in 2008 and 2011, warned about the deficiencies in equipment at the facilities of Mount Meron. Forty-five people, including children, were killed on footstep on 30 April 2021 during the annual religious pilgrimage involving tens of thousands of Orthodox Jews on Mount Meron, in the northern part of the country, around the tomb of the rabbi, Simon Bar Yochai. It is attributed to this Talmudist of the 2nd century AD the syntax of Zohar, a central work of Jewish mysticism. RES information – photos: Reuters