Israel: National Security Minister Asks to End Negotiations on Gaza Hostage Release · Global Voices

His far-right National Security Minister, Itamar Ben Gvere, called for the end of negotiations on the release of Hamas hostages in , according to Haaretz. Haaretz reveals that at today’s meeting of his party, Itamar Ben Gvere said it was necessary to give a mandate to end negotiations, which also concern the achievement of a temporary ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. On the contrary, Israel should proceed to a “new phase” of military operations with “dark battles” mediated by the Minister of National Security, according to the same source. Representatives of the US, Qatar, Egypt and Hamas continued negotiations in Cairo today with a view to reaching a truce agreement. According to Egyptian television reports, “significant progress” was recorded on the second day of the negotiations, but no further details were made public. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is asking Hamas for information on the names of the kidnapped people still alive and being held hostage in the Gaza Strip. Hamas argues that they are unable to report which of the kidnapped are still alive in the midst of Israeli attacks. They have been moved from “different groups” to “different locations”, a Sunday high-ranking Hamas executive told the British BBC network. Yesterday Sunday, the Wall Street Journal referred to another obstacle. Invoking officials from Qatar and Egypt, the American newspaper argues that communication with Hamas’ leader in the Gaza Strip has been lost for at least a week, stressing that Yahia Sinwar is the one to accept any draft agreement on Hamas’ behalf.