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Is this the message the READER explains to us the reason that we’re in “CRISIS”…; – Read and understand

Dear tromaktiko,
I live in b.Greece – Serres. I am to inform you that life here has not changed due to the crisis…
I find it unthinkable that the farmers may not take their children to work with them in the fields , the animals , and pay workers, albanians , Bulgarians for their fields. Black money leaving every time out.
They leave their kids home to sleep or drink coffee and have been workers for the jobs of the field.
Most of the farmers declare very low incomes in their statement and let us hold a very large areas of fields, crops, etc. so receive in benefits.
Can’t a farmer who pays OGA 1000 euros per year, while in the winter to do other work black. is craftsmen, carpenters, painters, etc. the meet then. This and the professional painter that pays INSTANTLY every month 400 euro I don’t have a job.
I don’t have empathy with them but I can see the blatant injustice everywhere , it is the most favored tax, and their work is in the summer. they have learned to whine .
Also in the OGA is all the Albanians who are plumbers, craftsmen etc. and the lady’s occupation is not agriculture.

You see injustice around you? He was SCARED of them… Send the complaint and the pictures of you on the tromaktiko! Is there a way to be heard…

Wherever you are, whatever the time and if it is, and you see something wrong, odd, an accident or an emergency, open the camera of your mobile phone, get information about the event and send us material (photos or videos) at: or through viber, 6946 414328. Become a ΤΡΟΜΑΚΤΙΚΟΣ reader…

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