Irene Lovedakis: I was over 100 kg, I was obese since childhood

Her battle with weight from childhood revealed by . She had reached, as she said, over 100 kg and always had trouble with her when she was younger. Because of her pounds, she accepted bullying. The other does not see you, often referred to the group as “the fat”, “the fat”, Irini Pavlidakis said speaking to the “Secret” of Parapolitics, on the occasion of World Day against Obesity. “Most of the pounds I’ve been were just over 100, when I was much younger, but I was always extra pounds. I have been overweight and obese since childhood,” said the Deputy Minister of Health. Did you accept bullying for this? Apparently, like any man who’s experienced something like this. There is stigmatization of the people we face problems with our weight. When the other sees only your weight and not who you are, you actually feel rejected as a person. There is no you, no name, there is only the label that accompanies you and they often refer to you in the company as “the fat one”, “the fat one”. This feedbacks rejection from the same ones we have extra pounds, resulting in very low self-esteem and not believing that it is worth trying to take care of ourselves. You get discouraged, you get bent, you become what others see and not who you really are. How did you decide to lose weight? What did you do about it? I made the decision in 2009, when I could finally bear the cost of looking for the help of a nutritionist – which is why I think it is very important that we provide it free of charge to the health ministry. He helped me because he adapted the diet program to my own tastes, so that I don’t feel like I’m missing some foods I liked. So I managed to regulate myself over the years and never get the weight back. It seems simple, but it’s not at all. Fighting obesity for all of us is permanent and permanent, but it does not always have the same intensity it has at first. In time you learn to live differently. The new habits become permanent and you do not experience the difficulties you had at first.