IPTO: Investments of EUR 120 million by 2026 in strengthening resilience

The acceleration of the implementation of the Renewal of Equipment announced today (1.1.2024) the , within the second cycle ending in 2026, with a total budget of EUR 120 million. The programme aims to strengthen the resilience of the electrical system that has emerged as a priority for IPTO, given the challenges of the climate crisis, the increasing penetration of RES into the energy mix and the expansion of island and continental interconnections. More specifically, the Administrator will perform 1,145 neural equipment replacements of the Electric Power Transmission System, a number four times the previous cycle. According to the relevant data, a total of 276 replacements of primary equipment were carried out during the first Programme over a period of 5 years, while in the total of 2023, the corresponding replacements amounted to 128. The elements included in the expanded High and High Voltage Program (self-transformers, switches, etc.) that will last until 2026 are those that have 24 years of operation. With the completion of the second cycle, a total of 60% of the main equipment of the Transmission System will be fully upgraded throughout Greece with more than 1,400 replacements of existing fixed assets from state-of-the-art equipment, high-performance and low-cost periodic maintenance. In order to strengthen the reliable operation of the Transmission System and to shield the social good of fixed electrification, IPTO also ensures that it upgrades its means of overseeing critical electrical infrastructure. In this direction, the Administrator installs sophisticated main equipment monitoring systems in real time (On Line Monitoring Systems – OLMS) and special equipment to improve protection systems for high and high voltage components. SOURCE: RES-BE