Ioannidis after Olympiacos – Panathinaikos: “Bernar Wizard, I’m going to the airport so he doesn’t leave”

He got a great 3-1 away win from him at the Super League 1 playoff premiere, with Fotis Ioannidis scoring billions and apothecizing after the game Bernard Duarte. Ioannidis “ bowed” to Bernard, who also took out his assist in his second goal at Olympiacos – Panathinaikos and said he would go to the airport to stop him in the summer, after having agreed to continue his career in Atletiko Mineiro. The statements of Ioannidis “It is a very important victory. We know our potential and we took out the face that we should and we got the win playing as we knew. What we needed was passion and power. The gathering was missing but we took it out today as well as the quality and managed to get the victory. Bernard is a magician. We’ll enjoy him while he’s here, he’s an incredible player, many times he sees things that me and nobody on the field. I will go to the airport so he doesn’t leave and I will take advantage of him as much as I can.”

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