Ioanna Asimakopoulou: My mom wouldn’t say “my girl, get married,” it wasn’t that guy’s.

‘ I was always told “find a good partner to be happy” as I am” she confesses. Both in managing recognition and in the changes she knows, by seasons, the woman socially referred to Joanna Asimakopoulou in the interview she gave on Saturday on the camera of the show “Better not done” and journalist Natalia on Alpha. “It is symbolic to meet this woman’s day. I’m sure the seasons aren’t like my mom’s or my grandmother’s seasons, but we’re having a big fight, and I’m sure there’s gonna be steps and more for women. My mom and my family generally didn’t say “my girl, marry”. They didn’t have that, it wasn’t that guy’s family. They always told me “find a good companion” to be happy as I am.” “I chose to do this job to express my own pieces that, as a rather shy man, I was unable to express them in my life. I also started at the theater but became widely known through comedy on television. After “Soy” I did nothing like that and it was conscious”. “I kept doing different things. I may have done comical roles, since I love comedy, but they were completely different” Johanna Asimakopoulou also completed her new television interview.