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    (Title) with PASOK to defend his proposal to establish a Commission of Inquiry to investigate political responsibilities to the period 2004-2007 for the purchase of structured bonds by pension funds and the Southwest to vote in favor with all the opposition parties, but also blames the government for expediency, entered the House of Parliament to debate.
    «There are still many obscure aspects to be clarified. 24 pension funds that bought both toxic bonds? Violated the principles of legality and transparency and has been the government’s cover-west company, argued, inter alia, the PASOK rapporteur Christos Hydo and added:
    «We propose the establishment of Inquiry Commission bonds, because apart from criminal responsibility are political responsibilities and LD players the period 2004-2007 which affected the public interest ».

    For his part, he Margaritis ND Tzimas accused the government majority on defensive ends and effort, stressing that it was not looking to shed light on all the matters that caused the public sphere, with the first, he said, the mother of all scandals, the stock exchange.
    «The PASOK masks dropped. There is a clear attempt to discredit the past and the entity of the Southwest. It appears as Archangel clearance at a time when brings bills tear insurance and labor rights. It has become concerned about the mother of scandals to 1.5 million people who lost on the stock properties. We say yes to the inquiry, but we did not investigate only the period 2004-2007, “said Mr Tzimas.

    For spurious opposition PASOK and New Democracy, which helps to disguise their strategy of aligning, he spoke KKE rapporteur Nikos Karathanasopoulos, stressing the need to explore all the losses in the reserve fund by 1950.
    also stressed that there is a chance the moment PASOK chose to set up EU connected to the “unprecedented, barbarous attack for the demolition of insurance and workers’ rights ».
    « The scandal of the bonds has the planners and perpetrators and is in both parties. We support but do not believe that this inquiry, like others, will uncover the real truth and give the policy behind the lost of value “, stated, inter alia, the rapporteur of SYRIZA Claus Moulopoulos.

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