Intervention of the Ombudsman to stop Officer POST LIABILITY, having received MATERNITY LEAVE AND CHILDREN ANATROFIS

    (Title) official of the Post Office complained to the Ombudsman that while he was a child-care leave, taken as a result of maternity leave, was acquitted, without prompting by the duties of director which had until then, pay the subsequent denial of the benefit liability position.
    As the authority of the Post Office based on a provision of Business Collective Labor Agreement 2003-2004, according to an official in a position of responsibility, which absent for any reason more than three months from his duties during the year may be replaced and the position of epanaprokiryssetai.
    However, the independent authority notes that the legislation (n.3488/2006) prohibits direct or indirect gender discrimination in the professional development of employees in the private, public or broader public sector. It also provides that where an employee is on maternity leave right after the end of maternity leave, to return to her job or an equivalent position in the same business terms and conditions.

    The Ombudsman Ombudsman found that the employee suffered discrimination due to take maternity and parental leave is contiguous within the power conferred by the Task Collective Labour Agreement (Hesse) at the post office. The principle states that “the contested provision of Hesse violate any provisions of national and Community law, since introducing indirect sex discrimination

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