Instead of botox injections made injections with poison of vipers – See what happened to… [photos]

    Shock causes the story of 38-year-old lawyer Pretty Raluca Crisan, whose face was paralyzed for a year!
    The reason? The 47-year-old doctor, Adrian Oancea, instead of botox injections, he injected himself with poison of vipers.
    The 38-year-old in fact submitted, and a lawsuit while after poisonous injections, he was evacuated to the hospital in the town of Alba-Iulia in Romania.
    “When he testified at the trial, said he didn’t know exactly what was in the shot because she ordered from a Chinese supplier, and the instructions were written in chinese,” reported the same.
    Then he added that for eight months to a year could not move the muscles of the face. “I couldn’t laugh or cry, it was terrible,” he said.