INSISTS ON “graying” of the whole goat in Nato … documents reveal that the alliance has banned EXERCISES THE GREEK AIRCRAFT!

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(Title) New, even more dangerous proportions seem to acquire the issue of “graying” of the entire Aegean from NATO, in an attempt to impose a de facto partition and shared between Greece and Turkey.

According to reports in the Greek press, the American commander of the air headquarters in Izmir anything but withdrew his letter, in which last April was a feature of “neutral and sensitive” marine area which extends up Central Greece and Peloponnese until clear which country has sovereignty in the Aegean (!) and what state characterized by the traces shown in the radar control.

The letter was sent to the then Commander of the Greek ATA (Tactical Aviation) in Larissa, who is both Commander of NATO Air Operations Center (the current CAOC-7, also based in Larissa, falling in Smyrna). The occasion was endoNATOikes consultations on the operational control of the Aegean, in the implementation of the new NATO structure.

Based on the above procedure is to settle the question of merging the two NATO Air Operations Centres, the CAOC-7 Larisa and CAOC-6 in Eskisehir Turkey, one that has agreed to be the CAOC-4 in Larissa, with areas of responsibility airspace Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Albania.

sticking point is the position of governor and the government agreed on the DL rotation every two years in this position a Greek and a Turkish officer, but the way the PASOK government reopened the matter, so get barriers from the Turkish side. In his letter, the U.S. official sought to push for a compromise solution, threatening to NATO will declare the Aegean “gray area».

In a statement, then the Defence Minister assured them that after a government intervention, the American commander withdrew his letter. However, as written in yesterday’s “Times”, “the initial letter of the Governor of Izmir 03.29.2010 never revoked. Contrast letter sent later on 7 April 2010 with two changes. The first letter of reply was on April 28 and later, on May 10, in which repeated the claim “be found between Greece and Turkey, obviously keeping in force the threat that otherwise the Aegean would be a gray area NATO against Greek sovereign rights.
ban on flights to the Greek Islands!

In the same publication, presented a letter to the ATA Larissa Ministry of National Defense on April 12, 2010, in complained that NATO prevent Greek planes during exercises to fly closer than 6 miles from the shores of the Aegean Greek islands!

The islands on which the prohibition is adjacent to Turkey (Samothrace, Lemnos, Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Ikaria, Rhodes, Kos, Kalymnos, Karpathos , Halki, Astypalea, Kassos, Tilos, Nisyros, Leros, Patmos, Lipsi Symi, Kastelorizo). According to the document, NATO implements the order of the Aegean SACEUR on 21 August 2006 (Aegean islands policy).

As noted characteristics, “the execution of these exercises in the Aegean problems arise due to SHAPE Aegean Islands Policy and associated Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) developed by the CC-Air Izmir, entitled “NATO Activity in Aegean” to implement the policy direction of SHAPE.

The problems identified in the intervention the CC-Air Izmir on the design of missions, not by adopting areas of cooperation and trace route A / P, calling less than 6 NM islands, over which Turkey has put forward a claim overflight ban (map exercise “Egemon “)».

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