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(Title) Within weeks the county will decide Thessaloniki on how they will handle the case of Express Service.Opos revealed on Monday that “I”, the company was again the focus of several months of conflict between companies roadside assistance after a complaint three rivals, who ask the dissolution of the company because, according to the complainant does not meet the statutory financial requirements. Specifically the complaint of the three companies indicated that the Express Service has negative equity, which far exceed the initial share capital. The complaint was filed in the Ministries of Finance and Economy, which in turn forwarded to the Prefecture of Thessaloniki as legal jurisdiction. On August 5 the competent management limited company Prefecture sent a letter to the Express Service seeking clarification on the allegations, which was given until August 31.

In last Tuesday, the company sent a note to the responsible management of the prefecture, which states inter alia that the debts which appear to have the Express Service to the public (debts to tax authorities and insurance funds) approximately balanced by the Greek public debt to the company. Specifically states that the public has to Express Service on the 23 million of VAT paid by the company, and as argued, was not required. Indeed, it is stated in the memorandum, the Express Service has been vindicated on the issue from competent institutions of the European Union, which has used and expects to offset this debt, the amounts due to the public. Moreover, a company spokeswoman explained the “I” that the whole case is a very small part of the business group and not the whole.
As explained in the “I” the head of the Directorate of Companies prefecture Nick Adamantiadis “The service addresses the memo. Collects information by tax and other services and all are delivered to the legal department of the prefecture, which will tell us what to do. ” Further notes that the communication of the service tax authorities that there are indeed outstanding issues investigated by the contact. According to Mr. Adamantiadis, “the opinion of the Legal Department is expected within weeks. On this will depend on whether or not to table the court of first instance requesting termination of the company. Estimates of legal and departmental officials, even if the responsible management of the prefecture submit an application to the court of first instance, developments will not occur without first clarifying the tax outstanding.

Nikos Iliadis

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