Infrastructure: What major road axis of 200m euros is promoted to the “heart” of Central Greece

Further procedures for a key road for the wider area of Central Greece are being initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. This is the competition for the construction of the project “Lamia – Karpenisi Road, part of the Makrakomi bypass connection with an eastern Tymbristo Tunnel Front”, a budget of around 200m euros. By decision of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Christos Staikouras, in the final phase of the competition, where financial offers will be submitted, TERNA, Avax, METKA – AKTOR, DOMIC CREET – EKTER – ERETVO – TE.NA., ROUTE – MEDIUM – INTERKAT, TRACE – TEKAL – ELICA. According to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport it is a road that will “button” and unite areas of Central Greece, from Agrinio to Lamia and Karpenisi, offering a connection with major highways such as the Ionian Road or PATHE. In particular, as reported by the ministry, Lamia – Karpenisi Road is part of the Lamia – Karpenisi – Agrinio Road (EO 38), which belongs to the secondary National Network of the country, as well as the Greek Trans-European Network. At national and regional level, IF 38 is intended to serve interregional connection at the same time Lamia – Agrinio and as a horizontal axis the connection of the PATHE and Ionian Road motorways, as well as the connection of Karpenisi with the centre of the Region of Central Greece, Lamia and via the PATHE motorway, with all Regions of the country, except the West Greece, Epirus and Ionian Islands. The project has a starting point to the west of the eastern mouth – a front of the existing Tymbrest tunnel and an end to the east the western boundary of the existing Makrakomi bypass. The upgrading of IF 38 through the construction of this new road project will replace the current link, decisively contributing to the implementation of all development actions in the areas served, mainly in the tourist and commercial sectors. The construction of the project is therefore considered to be of fundamental importance, as it is a work of great retribution for Central Central Central Greece, with a significant contribution to the national economy. The construction of the road section aims to create a modern and safe road connection network between Lamia and Karpenisi (and then the city of Agrinio), which will contribute decisively to the tourist and commercial development and the economic development of the wider region of Central Greece. Moreover, the main purpose of the project is to remove the difficult access to Eurytania and the western mountainous part of Fthiotida.

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