Indirect response by George Liaga to Maria Corinth: “This is bullying the real”

Emotionally charged, O, as part of his show rushed to respond indirectly to what she said in the show “Hamgela and Again!”. Vangelis Perris also took a position wanting to defend his partner. On Monday morning (11.03.24), George Liagas, visibly upset, referred to Maria Corinth’s statements that he made the previous day in Sissi Christidou. The presenter answered indirectly bringing examples of recent events and also talking about bullying. With his turn and he referred to the subject saying that no one deals with the actress issue. More specifically George Liagas said: “I want us all to agree that we condemn violence from wherever it comes from, whether it comes from people who have a faith in something, we should not be violent to them… or it is violence from other people, who Mr. Velopoulos counted them and said that everyone is foreigners”, on the occasion of the two violent incidents that occurred in Thessaloniki during the weekend. “They beat, scoff, and bullying other people. This is bullying the real, not other things we hear… stupidities… to people who behave differently, must be damnable,” added the presenter. Presenter Vangelis Perris in turn stated: “I wasn’t that year. I have nothing to do with it, I don’t know. It’s not about anyone. Bless the girl, enjoy her child. Everything goes well,” he said features in Mega Morning.

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