India: Another 5 Arrests for Spain’s Group Rape and Beating Her Companion · Global Voices

Her police arrested five other men for her Spanish tourist team, and thus the arrested are now 5. The attack and group rape of the woman, along with the beating of her husband, took place last week in Jarhad state, eastern India, where the couple had camped. Press Trust of India released photos of the five suspects, to whom they had worn handcuffs and tied each other with rope. Yesterday, March 4th, three other men were taken before the court and detained. “Eight arrests have so far been made in connection with this alleged gang rape of a Spanish,” wrote PTI, citing police officers. Authorities handed over a $12,000 check to the couple under a “victim compensation program”, broadcast the NDTV television network. On average nearly 90 rapes a day were recorded in India in 2022, according to official data. However, a large number of incidents are not reported because of the stigmatisation of victims and the lack of confidence in police investigations.